Thursday, 10 January 2019

RE: Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington
Reg: Ottawa 313436-9
Locally called Community Futures of Mount Waddington

 Will the newly elected local politicians in the Mount Waddington Regional District resign from the Board of Directors of CFDCMW?
Four(4) elected politicians sit on the board of volunteers of a corporation that has the same mandate that they have been elected by the public in a municipal election. Doesn't that look like a conflict of interest? Did you people know that that board of directors need to be elected by the member of the corporation?

       Why try to cut the volunteers out that would be willing to do a good job and make sure that our dollars are used properly.
In this corporation, no one is allowed to question anything! They don't follow any rules even the ones they make themselves to fool the public.

If you take the time to read the letter that was sent to Industry Canada for them to change the bylaw. Links attached.

 The amendments were sanctioned by the members of the corporation in accordance with the existing bylaw on March 31, 2009. Even the bylaw in 2009 we cannot find anywhere that it was sanctioned by the members of the corporation.
If they have members of the corporation like they want everyone to believe why are they refusing to show it to the public?

Mr. Shaw that approved a phony change stated "We are not an enforcing body we are a registry office only" But the CFDCMW is accountable to the court. 

If you mislead your superior with false information in a non for profit organization you can be fined $5000 or 6 months in jail...did you read that before?

"The board may appoint a general manager" 

What kind of joke is this Mr. Rushton? A manager is an employee of a corporation. The board gave Mr. David Mitchell the full power who ended up with full responsibility. We the public would like to know how you are spending our money. 

Another thing came to mind Mr. Mitchell we would like to know who hired you, when and where?

Letting Western Economic Diversification (WED) and Industry Canada believe that you have members of the corporation to elect the board of directors is misleading your superior.

The only way CFDCMW can get money from Ottawa is by using the public and saying they have members of the corporation that approve all that we are doing. 

How come the members of the corporation are all invincibles? 

We talked to many people that are telling us they are members of the corporation but we can't find any of their names in the paper trail to prove it.