Saturday, 28 April 2018



The reason I am so pissed off at these local people in power, is to change the focus of the story, at the time they organized a raid on my home on June 29, 2012. They kidnapped my two children, using the Ministry of Child and Family Development, which they knew was not accountable to anyone including the judge.  I will post some documents here to show how it was organized and try to figure out who is the mysterious caller on June 25, 2012.  I want the police to investigate the wrong doing at Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington Inc. 313436-9, but the people in power were against the idea.  Scared to lose their “cash cow.”

On April 30, 2012 the Community Futures Board of Directors were updated by the manager, David Mitchell on a verbal report about Mr. Poirier.  They had no meeting in May, but on the special date of June 25, 2012, the manager David Mitchell, gave a brief update on the matter concerning Mr. Poirier and sent that to WED we believe they were informed of Poirier complaining and did nothing. Why?  Why, are we not allowed to know what Mr. Poirier did that hurt so much?  At that same date they told Western Economic Diversification that they had their annual general meeting.  Two of those so called Board members resigned on June 25, 2012.  This led us to believe they did not like what was going on.  Lilian Hunt ended up a new Board member.  She was not even at the meeting.

On October 24, 2013 they told Western Economic Diversification that they had a members list with new members added.  We have been trying to get to that list for 20 years now.

On January 29, 2015 – Board Succession. The manager spoke about this explaining the history behind WED’s decision.  Discussion followed.  It was decided to undertake active member recruitment between now and June 1, 2015.  We still never saw that members list yet why, on July 9, 2015 did he lead the WED to believe that they had a membership list.

Appointment of Auditor 2015/2016 motion 14/15/04
Permission from the MEMBERSHIP for the Board of Directors to appoint the Auditor.

October 27, 2015 – Pre-planning. 
 “Make ourselves more visible.” What does that tell you?  You exist for 20 years and you believe you are not visible with the public money.  What an accomplishment! Also, on the same date of an anonymous call to the Ministry of Child and Family Development on June 25, 2012, Constable Amanda Ozimkowski and her boss Carl Macintosh were having a discussion about me wanting them to investigate Community Futures for wrong doing.

WHO IS THE MYSTERIOUS CALLER? You be the Judge!!!!!! - see 2018 for more information.

Monday, 23 April 2018

These Documents below were sent to the local politicians but no response was received!
 All the politicians in the Regional District of Mount Waddington led us to believe the local politicians don't care
about the local economy.  While we have millions of dollars coming from the Federal Government, the local politician sit themselves as volunteers on the Board of Directors of the Community Futures Development Corporation of Mt. Waddington registered in Ottawa 313436-9 to make sure that no real volunteers with a conscience would sit there and do a proper job with the public money.
     If you look at the first page you see John Tidbury was on the Board of Directors of CFDCMW at the same time he was an Alderman at the District of Port Hardy and also got the office cleaning contract at Community Futures office.  When I asked him questions he plainly told me to, "f . . .  off".  I asked the manager David Mitchell a few weeks after he was hired by who knows, he also told me," it was none of my f..... business".  What was happening here?  Now, I talked to Western Economic Diversification, they told me to talk to the Chair, Scott Benwell.  He told me, we will organize a meeting.  Shortly after, I received a letter from David Mitchell telling me, there would be no meeting.  He was the General Manager in charge and said, I criticized the Community Futures too much, therefore the meeting would not happen.  Soon after, I received another letter from Mr. Benwell saying that, they will elect a new Chair according to the by-law and policies. Don't forget Mr. Benwell knew how to write better than me. He is the Superintendent of School District 85, teaching our kids, but cannot take the time to read the act where the board has to be elected by the members of the Corporation. He told me, he did not wish any contact with me for any reason.  Why?
     If you look at the Boards legal responsibility to CFMW, it says, the Board exists for legal reasons and acts to keep the organization legal.  We read it this way; if you are not elected by the members of the Corporations you are not a Board Member but you don't belong there.  Note:  read page 10 of 35.  What a Board member cannot do!
When they took me to Court in October 200/01; Stephen Evans the Manager at the time stated, that he believes, that Community Futures can be faulty for having open membership and has resulted in Control of the many by the few.  When Evans was asked, who elected the Board, his response was, "the membership".  If you look on the December 2001 Court Document, Judge Sanderson on page 2;  the subject matter of the disclosure of conflicts of interest, incompetence, mismanagement, sloppy bookkeeping and a conspiracy to adversary affect certain North Vancouver Island Entrepreneurs and dismiss the charge of the secret commission.  
  We went to the Court of Appeals in 2005 as read BCL A169 Poirier vs. Community Futures Docket
CA031935, "Mr. Mitchell, why is the bylaw on your website not the same as the one in Ottawa?"
    The person they call Chair now is Ms. Angela Smith. Her mother Jennifer Smith was also on that phony board 20 years ago and apologized to the rest of the Board for a conflict of interest before she "flew the coop".  Can you ask Jennifer what was the apology for?
 I have been reading the local paper about how many children are living in poverty.  If we had a politician a with conscience all the money that comes from the federal and provincial government was not misused there would be food and shelter for everybody and I will explain how and why later.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

March 2018

We have been asking for many years now.  How does the Board of Directors of Community Futures get elected?  We a have never received an answer why.

How does the Constitution of non-profit corporation state of directors have elections by the membership of the corporation at the annual general meeting?

1.  Why is there no members of the Corporations?

2.  Why is there a different bylaw for the website than the one in Ottawa?

3.  Why tell W. E. D. that Community Futures have members of the corporations?

4.  Why had David Rushton tell Industry Canada his letter of 2009 was sanctioned by the members?

Maybe one day these questions will be answered.  If you know please help.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Distburbing Discovery

My understanding of the local RCMP detatchment is a Municipal Police advised my the Mayor to serve and protect our Municipality. Last month I asked them to investigate a case of forgery by the Manager of our local Community Economic Development, who under discovery manipulated some documents before serving them into the court system. I recieved a letter from our local detatchment stating:

Burden of Proof: In Canada, criminal law is based on the presumption of innocence of the accused party. This sets a very high standard which Police must meet in order to be successful in recieving criminal charge approval. That standard is beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that with near absolute certainty that the Police and Crown Counsel have proven the guilt of the person.

Then, my thought was to ask the Crown for the reason they denied me access to the court system.
The response from the Crown Counsel was "We have not recieved a file under that number from the Port McNeill RCMP"

What this proves to the public is that one single member of the RCMP has more power than our judge. They can throw the case out before the judge even sees it. What kind of justice is this?
If a judge makes a mistake in some of his decisions, you have a court of appeal to remede the error and it works. I've tried it. We all know, no one is perfect.

We know this woman has zero credibility. I have at least ten lies under oath in a court document said by her to mislead the court. But she has been part of the power for a long time with a very questional reputation.
Where do we go from here?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Community Economic Development

Trying to put Community Economic Development into context is almost an impossible task. You have Western Economic Diversification (WED) that has a contract with Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington, federally incorporated 313436-9 with a non-elected Board of Directors who abuse their power however they feel like and we don't even know how they acquired that power. When you ask a local Politician, the answer is: "That's none of your business, it's a federal program." but when you look into you'll find out those local Politicians are on the Board as volunteers. How did they get there? Apparently that's none of our business again.
Now, the same people have started what they call "Venture Connect" again the manager of our CFDCMW, Mr David Mitchell and the Chair of the Board of Directors who he takes orders from, Mr David Rushton is on that Board also. From which authority? That's none of our business again.
We have Community Futures BC aka Community Futures Development Corporation Association of BC, which Mr David Mitchell is a Special Adviser to. Very closed-shop for anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time to make sure things are run according to contract or incorporation.
Another one that shows up is Economic Development Association of BC (EDABC) offering you a reward if you want to join their association. My question is: How much money goes to those bureaucrats for promoting our Community Economic Development in BC and how much money goes to the people who can't create the jobs and improve CED like small businesses? All talk, no action. No responsibility, no accountability, no transparency, no democracy and a whole bunch of hypocrisy from the bureaucracy. Look at what they did to me with all those good Community Economic Development programs with some psychopaths in charge of the office and some local Politicians on the Board of Directors without any authorisation from the public (I mean no election).
I used to live a decent life, now I have to live like a bum after they destroyed my business and my life. They also destroyed the opportunity for my kids to have a normal University education like I was planning for them.
When some of our local politicians have no conscience, everything goes haywire and the public will always suffer. Click here to find the details.