Saturday, 23 June 2012

Distburbing Discovery

My understanding of the local RCMP detatchment is a Municipal Police advised my the Mayor to serve and protect our Municipality. Last month I asked them to investigate a case of forgery by the Manager of our local Community Economic Development, who under discovery manipulated some documents before serving them into the court system. I recieved a letter from our local detatchment stating:

Burden of Proof: In Canada, criminal law is based on the presumption of innocence of the accused party. This sets a very high standard which Police must meet in order to be successful in recieving criminal charge approval. That standard is beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that with near absolute certainty that the Police and Crown Counsel have proven the guilt of the person.

Then, my thought was to ask the Crown for the reason they denied me access to the court system.
The response from the Crown Counsel was "We have not recieved a file under that number from the Port McNeill RCMP"

What this proves to the public is that one single member of the RCMP has more power than our judge. They can throw the case out before the judge even sees it. What kind of justice is this?
If a judge makes a mistake in some of his decisions, you have a court of appeal to remede the error and it works. I've tried it. We all know, no one is perfect.

We know this woman has zero credibility. I have at least ten lies under oath in a court document said by her to mislead the court. But she has been part of the power for a long time with a very questional reputation.
Where do we go from here?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Community Economic Development

Trying to put Community Economic Development into context is almost an impossible task. You have Western Economic Diversification (WED) that has a contract with Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington, federally incorporated 313436-9 with a non-elected Board of Directors who abuse their power however they feel like and we don't even know how they acquired that power. When you ask a local Politician, the answer is: "That's none of your business, it's a federal program." but when you look into you'll find out those local Politicians are on the Board as volunteers. How did they get there? Apparently that's none of our business again.
Now, the same people have started what they call "Venture Connect" again the manager of our CFDCMW, Mr David Mitchell and the Chair of the Board of Directors who he takes orders from, Mr David Rushton is on that Board also. From which authority? That's none of our business again.
We have Community Futures BC aka Community Futures Development Corporation Association of BC, which Mr David Mitchell is a Special Adviser to. Very closed-shop for anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time to make sure things are run according to contract or incorporation.
Another one that shows up is Economic Development Association of BC (EDABC) offering you a reward if you want to join their association. My question is: How much money goes to those bureaucrats for promoting our Community Economic Development in BC and how much money goes to the people who can't create the jobs and improve CED like small businesses? All talk, no action. No responsibility, no accountability, no transparency, no democracy and a whole bunch of hypocrisy from the bureaucracy. Look at what they did to me with all those good Community Economic Development programs with some psychopaths in charge of the office and some local Politicians on the Board of Directors without any authorisation from the public (I mean no election).
I used to live a decent life, now I have to live like a bum after they destroyed my business and my life. They also destroyed the opportunity for my kids to have a normal University education like I was planning for them.
When some of our local politicians have no conscience, everything goes haywire and the public will always suffer. Click here to find the details.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Meet Our Team

This is the team. Here, there is two past co-wokers from the Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington (CFDCMW). The Chair of this CFDC and the manager show up on the Board of this organization who have a very questionable background on running anything properly. This is very confusing for the average customer. Did anyone check their background? Did anyone check their work ethics from the Community Futures? We have to assume it is not nessasary becasue we are all in complicit with the next person. What a questionable situation for the public at large. Give me your money in taxes and I'll waste it the way I want.

Venture Connect Project

They are determined not to have one properly run organization, they prefer to create more of these irresponsible organizations to confuse the public and create jobs for friends and past co-workers and ignore the public that they were meant to help. Look at who's the Board of Directors. Incroyable!

Special Advisor

Do we read this properly? Mr David Mitchell is the Special Advisor for the Community Futures Development Association of British Columbia aka Community Futures BC. If this is correct can anyone explain the common sense of this? Mr Mitchell is the manager of the Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddingon that seems to take advice from Community Futures BC. Is it possible to advise youself? Mr Mitchell told us it was none of our business of what happened at the our local Community Futures. Could he be preaching that all over BC? Incroyable!

Who Is Telling The Truth?

We wait for your opinions...

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chamber of Commerce

We've been looking at the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors which is the same type of organization as the Community Futures Development Corporation, an organization with a membership. One seems to work, the other one seems to be stuck in the mud. Now I find out the same person, Mr David Mitchell is the manager of the one that is stuck in the mud and the President of the one that seems to work. We wonder why? We always believe to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce you have to have some kind of business. Mr Mitchell is the manager of a Corporation that operates with public funds only. What kind of business would you call that? Monkey business? The one that he's manager of, we are not allowed to see the membership list. The one that he is the president of, the membership list is on the website. Why is that? I'm asking you, the members of the Chamber of Commerce as members of the community to ask Mr Mitchell why he won't tell us or show us the membership list of the Community Futures. I've seen lots of good people with good intentions on this list. What are the intentions of the ones on the list that we aren't allowed to see? This is for the good of the community as a whole. Please participate.